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The Pulse is a hybrid longbow with the performance of a recurve and all the positives of a longbow. This bow is a forward-handle design which makes it pointable and forgiving. The grip is contoured to fit your hand, and I've been told "it's like shaking hands with a good friend." The bow is very quiet on the shot, and dead in the hand.

The Pulse is available in a two-piece design with a carbon/fiberglass sleeve in the handle. The design uses an off-center woven glass I-beam that isn't seen in the sight window. The grip is a little bit less contoured because of this limitation, but is still very comfortable. The sleeve is topped with a leather grip of your liking.

Both Pulse designs are available in 58", 60", 62" and 64" lengths.


The Surge is a 3 piece take down deflex/reflex hybrid-design longbow. The design places the limbs on the belly side of the riser which makes for a very pointable and forgiving bow. The limb design uses 7 laminations along with a butt wedge and a tip wedge. The limb is double-pinned and bolted to the riser for good alignment.

The Surge is smooth-drawing and hard-hitting with that dead in the hand feel after the shot. The grip is very repeatable and lays in the hand nicely and with the extra material in the riser is very customizable. With the added convenience of the T/D design it's hard to leave this bow behind.

The Surge is offered in lengths from 58-64 inches with riser lengths of 13, 15, or 17 inches.